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  • Wusthof Pull Through Knife Sharpene
  • Wusthof Pull Through Knife Sharpene
  • Wusthof Pull Through Knife Sharpene
  • Wusthof Pull Through Knife Sharpene

Wusthof Pull Through Knife Sharpener

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Our Code: 23004344

Brand: Wusthof Manufacturer Code: WT4344
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Made for Wusthof knives, but also suitable for most other European style knives, this sharpener has a pair of fine ceramic discs which will gently work on the edge of the blade to give excellent results.

This sharpener may look similar to the old-fashioned type which had two metal discs but don't be fooled, it is a completely different kettle of fish. The old metal sharpeners have a habit of ruining good knives but this won't.

Because the ceramic discs are a fine grade they will sharpen your knife gently so if it is very blunt it may take a while at first. Also the angle between the discs is fixed, and depending on the manufacturer of your knife it may not match exactly. This is not a problem it just means that the first time you sharpen that knife the sharpener will slightly modify the angle at the cutting edge which also may take a little longer.

Once your knives are sharp, they will only need occasional use of the sharpener to keep them in tip top condition.

To use the sharpener, use the handle to hold it securely on a sturdy surface, position the heel of your knife between the discs and pull through in a smooth action, following the curve of the blade right to the tip, and then repeat until the knife is sharp. Always pull through in one direction, don't use a sawing action as this will mean the tip is missed.

Not suitable for serrated or ceramic knives.


  • Manufacturer Code: WT4344
  • Brand: Wusthof
  • GTIN: 4002293434407
  • Depth: 17.5cm
  • Width: 4.2cm
  • Extra Information: Rubber feet
  • Length: 17.5cm
  • Height: 6.5cm


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All knives (except serrated) will need sharpening, the frequency really depends on how often they are used and what they are used to cut. Regular light sharpening will keep the blade in tip top condition. The ultimate test is a ripe tomato, only a sharp knife will slice through the skin effortlessly.
With all pull through sharpeners, we recommend that you only pull towards you, this avoids a tendency to miss the very tip of the knife and end up with an uneven edge.

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