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MS-462 Sharpening Guides

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Brand: Global Manufacturer Code: MS-463
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Quality knives should be kept sharp and in good condition for ease of use and maximum safety.

One of the most effective ways to sharpen knives is with a Whetstone, however it is critical to maintain the correct angle. If the angle is incorrect or varies as you sharpen, the knife will not sharpen well, and the blade can even be damaged.

The Mino Sharp sharpening guides are designed to clip on the back edge of your knife and hold it at a constant angle to the whetstone. Designed originally for Global knives, the angle achieved is approximately 10-15 degrees per side.

Naturally the exact angle will depend on the size of the knife, many European knives are initially sharpened to approximately 20 degrees per side. Use of these guides will modify the angle, and not harm the knife.

The Mini Sharp Sharpening guides come as a set of two, one 60mm for large knives and one 45mm for small knives. The guides are plastic lined so as not to scratch the surface of your knife as you slide them on and off.


  • Manufacturer Code: MS-463
  • Brand: Global
  • GTIN: 4543455463007


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