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  • Debuyer Mineral Bee Frying Pan 20cm
  • Debuyer Mineral Bee Frying Pan 20cm
  • Debuyer Mineral Bee Frying Pan 20cm

Debuyer Mineral Bee Frying Pan 20cm

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Our Code: 1000629

Brand: DeBuyer Manufacturer Code: DB5610.2
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The mineral Bee range of pans by DeBuyer are simply brilliant. Made from 99% pure iron, heat is conducted quickly and evenly throughout the pan, giving consistent, predictable results every time. Great for all sorts of frying, and particularly good for high temperature frying and searing. Suitable for all hob types, including induction, these pans are just as at home in the oven and under the grill. Each pan has a natural beeswax coating to protect it in storage and to help start the seasoning process.

The pan is pressed from 3mm thick iron sheet, so unlike cast iron, there are no air bubbles or impurities to worry about, and they don't need to be enamelled (it is the enamelling which often gets scratched on cast iron pans leading to them discolouring over time). Also unlike cast iron, pressed iron pans have a smooth underside, so are less likely to scratch hob tops, and they are not brittle, so will never crack.

The handle is made from 4mm thick iron, and attached with very strong iron rivets. The handle has rounded edges for comfort, a lacquer coating to stop corrosion, and a convenient hole for hanging. The handle will become hot after prolonged use, so use caution and an oven glove as you get to know your pan.

Iron pans, also known as chefs pans or skillets, must be seasoned prior to use. Seasoning involves creating a layer of burned oil on the surface of the pan. This protects it from corrosion, and prevents food from sticking as it cooks. Seasoning instructions come with the pan, or please see the link to our guide above. Once seasoned, the pan should only be cleaned with water, as detergent will remove the seasoning. Once clean, we recommend drying on the hob before putting away. If storing for any length of time, it can be wise to wipe a little oil over the surface to repel moisture. If somehow the seasoning is removed, or even if you let some rust appear, it's not a problem, just clean it up and re-season.


The great thing about having no additional coating on the pan, is that there is nothing to come off. Modern non-stick and ceramic coatings are safe, but they will always deteriorate over time, particularly with high temperature cooking, and some people do worry about consuming or inhaling chemicals, in which case this is the ideal solution. You will always need a small amount of oil when you cook and after the initial seasoning, iron pans take time to mature, improving with every use. Depending on how often you use it, it can takes weeks or before your mineral pan reaches its full potential, once there, it will be utterly non-stick, and look after it and your iron pan will last for ever.

Available in a range of sizes.


  • Manufacturer Code: DB5610.2
  • Brand: DeBuyer
  • GTIN: 3011245610203
  • Diameter: 20cm
  • Handle Length: 18cm
  • Depth: 4cm
  • Induction?: Yes


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